Certificate Program


Educational Development Certificate Program


Faculty who are interested in improving their understanding of teaching and learning, and in acquiring advanced educational skills are invited to pursue the Educational Development Certificate. Those faculty who complete ten (10) institutional faculty development sessions over two-consecutive academic years will receive a certificate of completion, which may be added to their educational portfolio. This certification will serve as documentation of self-motivated learning for consideration at annual evaluations and during the promotion/tenure process. Faculty can pursue a general education certificate or a certificate in a particular focus area as listed below. Get started by completing the educational development certificate registration form. Additional information regarding each certificate and the complete process is described below.

Focus areas and core topics:

Teaching Skills Core Topics
  • Evaluation and Feedback
  • Small Group Teaching
  • Teaching Under Time Constraints
  • Giving an Effective Presentation
Teaching Skills Recorded Electives
  • Zooming into Residency: Virtual interviews during the time of COVID-19 (& Beyond)
  • Aims-Goals-Objectives: Is your program aligned?
  • The scores are dropping, now what? Helping learners with test-taking difficulty.
  • Optimizing Media in Med Ed Presentations
  • Social Media in Medical Education
  • Expanding Simulation in Medical Education
Diversity and Inclusion Core Topics
  • Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • Health Equity
  • Cultural Humility
  • Crucial Conversations in Healthcare
Diversity and Inclusion Recorded Electives
  • Should we be treating everyone the same? Identifying and addressing health care disparities in our clinical learning environments.
  • Certificate in Multicultural Mentoring (not a recording)
Well-being Core Topics
  • Landscape of Physician Well-being
  • Understanding Resilience and Teaching it Through a Systems Lens
  • Curriculum Development in Physician Well-being: What's the Process?
  • Successful Individual Strategies to Work/Life Balance
Well-being Recorded Electives
  • Mindfulness
  • Resident Well-Being: Trainee Burnout - Prevalence, Progression, and Recovery
  • Promoting Clinician Resilience and Well-being
  • Promoting Resident Wellness

Certificate Options: Participants may earn a general or focused certificate.

To complete a general certificate: Complete ten (10) faculty development sessions (in any topic provided) and corresponding quizzes over two-consecutive academic years.

To earn a focused certificate, six (6) of the ten (10) sessions must be in the focus area - four (4) core topics and two (2) electives.

To earn either certificate, six sessions must be live (in person), live video conferenced or livestream. Up to four of the ten sessions may be completed by watching previously recorded events and completing corresponding quizzes.

  • Livestream participation will count towards live attendance if the participant completes the sign-in process. After accessing the Livestream link, participants must sign in by clicking the "Ask a question” bubble on the bottom-right hand side of the screen and entering their name and department.

For all certificates: Complete the educational development certificate registration form

To ensure you receive credit for the faculty development sessions you participate in, please do the following:

  1. Register for upcoming events via the faculty development registration page link on the upcoming sessions and recorded events page.
  2. Attend the session
  3. Complete the seminar quiz at the end of the session, or within four weeks of the session. The quiz link will be e-mailed to seminar participants within 48 hours after the session. You may also return to the upcoming sessions and recorded events page and select the quiz link of the recorded event. All quizzes are graded automatically upon submission. Individuals with a passing grade of 80% or more, receive CME and certificate session credit.
  4. The Office of Educational Affairs will monitor faculty development session attendances and quiz completions; and provide faculty members who complete the required number of live and recorded events with a certificate.

Please review the upcoming sessions and recorded events page to view the current schedule and recordings of previous sessions. Regularly visit this page for updated lectures dates.