Junior Scholars

Projects & Initiatives

JAX-ASCENT is pleased to offer a Junior Scholar grant to clinical and basic science researchers who are junior faculty or postdoctoral associates at the University of Florida. Applicants may include investigators at any college within the UF Health Science Center – Jacksonville and can include collaborations with other institutions. Junior scholar applications are currently closed. The 2020 Junior Scholar will be announced after March 1, 2020.

Primary Qualifications:

  • Junior faculty appointment at the assistant professor, fellow or postdoctoral associate level at the University of Florida
  • A proposed research project relevant to critical illness-related and chronic low-grade age-related inflammation through interdisciplinary approaches to optimize health and/or independence in later life
  • Commitment to a research career with an aging focus
  • Not having received PI NIH R01 or similar grant awards
  • Sufficient protected time (about 50 percent) to accomplish the research career-development plan
  • A letter of support from the department chair or division chief indicating the applicant will have dedicated time to complete the research project

2020 Junior Scholar Awards

  • Monika Patel, M.D.

    Monika Patel, M.D.

    Project: Deciphering Epigenomic Effects of Stress and Aging in Elderly Patients with Chronic Musculoskeletal PainKeywords: Pain, Epigenomic, Aging Mentoring Team: Alexander Parker, Ph.D., Patrick Tighe, M.D., M.S., Roger Fillingim Ph.D.


2018 Junior Scholar Awards

Michael Pizzi, D.O., Ph.D.

Project: Biochemical and Radiographic Characterization of Blood Brain Barrier Degradation of Ischemic Stroke Patients Keywords: Ischemic stroke, inflammation, matrix metalloproteinases, blood brain barrier, MRI Mentoring Team: Scott Silliman, M.D., Eduardo Candelario-Jalil Ph.D., Thomas Foster Ph.D., Thomas Mareci Ph.D.

  • Sophia S. Sheikh, M.D.

    Sophia S. Sheikh, M.D.

    Project: Development of a Risk Prediction Screening Tool for Opioid-Prescription Injury (STOP Injury) in Older Adults Initiated on Opioids from the Emergency DepartmentKeywords: Opioid, chronic inflammatory pain, overdose, falls, older adults Mentoring Team: Rosemarie Fernandez, M.D., Phyllis Hendry, M.D., Roger Fillingim Ph.D., Larisa Cavallari Pharm.D., Stephen Anton Ph.D.