Conflict of Interest/Outside Activities

For Faculty

As a condition of your employment with the University of Florida (UF), you are required to follow UF guidelines, policies and procedures regarding conflict of interest and outside activities, including financial interests.

UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville faculty, faculty adjuncts, and postdoctoral associates at 0.26 FTE and above - As a condition of your employment, you are required to disclose in the UF Online Interests Organizer (UFOLIO) any activity you do for an outside entity that is not part of your assigned UF duties but is related to your UF expertise, or a financial interest in an entity that could create a conflict of interest. The UFOLIO system will guide you through the process of disclosing reportable outside activities and financial interests, or allow you to confirm you have nothing to disclose. Log in to UFOLIO and select “Create Disclosure” even if you have no activities or interests to disclose.

In addition, and on an ongoing basis, employees should log in to UFOLIO any time there is a new activity or interest to disclose, or there is a material change to a previously disclosed activity or interest. Please submit disclosures at least 30 days before the anticipated start date. Your disclosure portfolio should be an accurate reflection of your outside activities and interests at all times.

UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville faculty, faculty adjuncts, postdoctoral associates, at 0.25 FTE and below; and OPS employees regardless of FTE must notify the department chair in writing using the disclosure of outside activities form .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) and obtain written approval from the department chair and the dean of the College of Medicine – Jacksonville prior to engaging in these activities.

Recognizing that there are legitimate and necessary interactions between faculty, residents, staff and students and the industry, it is the goal of the College of Medicine Policy on Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotechnology Industry Conflicts of Interest to increase transparency respecting industry interactions and to eliminate or mitigate conflicts of interest created by these interactions. All interactions between COM personnel and industry must be consistent with the policy. This policy is an extension of the University’s COI policy with the narrower focus on industry-academia relationship with emphasis on ensuring and preserving physician professionalism. View College of Medicine Policy .pdf (Adobe PDF Document)

Outside clinical (patient care) activity by a faculty physician within a fifty-mile radius of the site of the faculty physician's major clinical assignment is not authorized.