For External Residents and Fellows

Welcome and thank you for your interest in an elective rotation at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville.

Application Instructions

Elective experiences are available in many of our clinical departments. The application process is easy and will take no more than five to 10 minutes to complete the initial request. Requests must be received no less than 120 days before the anticipated rotation start date.

How to Apply

Complete the rotation request form

You can request an external rotation from your laptop or mobile device by completing the rotation request form. Complete the form in its entirety, including the selection of both primary and secondary rotation dates.

Additional Application Fees/Requirements

A $25 non-refundable application fee is required for all applicants. Call (904) 244-3149 to make a payment by credit card. Other payment methods are not available at this time.

A PDF copy of your CV, competency-based rotation goals and objectives, and the application payment receipt will be requested after you complete the application. Those documents will be provided to your program director with the rotation approval form.

A PLA is required between our institutions and will be processed once we have your program's approval.

A UF Self Insurance Program (SIP) fee is also required if you are not from one of these FL schools (FL Atlantic University, FL International University, FL State University, University of Central FL, University of FL).

Individuals applying from outside the state of Florida are required to have a training license issued by the FL Department of Health Board of Medicine or Board of Osteopathic Medicine. The cost is $200.00 for an allopathic license and $100.00 for an osteopathic license. In addition, there is an ACHA Level II fingerprint requirement that costs between $80.00 and $90.00.

Available Rotations

Departments, unless otherwise noted in the application, accept only one external rotator per rotation.

  • Anesthesiology - OB, Trauma, Acute Pain
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine - Pediatric EM
  • Cardiology - CV Consults, Coronary Care Unit (CCU)
  • Endocrinology - ENDO Consults
  • Gastroenterology - GI Consults
  • Hematology and Oncology - HEM/ONC Consults, Hem/Chem
  • Infectious Disease - ID Consults
  • Nephrology - NEPH Consults
  • Pulmonary/Critical Care - PCCM Consults, MICU, Sleep Medicine
  • Rheumatology - RHEUM Consults
  • Neurosurgery - NeuroSurg Trauma, Pediatric NeuroSurg
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology - Labor & Delivery
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - OMFS
  • Pathology - GYN
  • Pediatrics - NBN, NICU, Palliative Care, Pediatric Neurology, Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Rheumatology Pediatric Infectious Disease - PEDS ID Consults
  • Radiology - RAD, Interventional RAD
  • Surgery - Plastics, Trauma Surg
  • Surgery Critical Care - Surgical ICU, Trauma/Surgical ICU