Promotion & Tenure

For Faculty

The Promotion and Tenure process of the University of Florida takes place as a recurring 12- month cycle that is initiated by eligible faculty members with the support of their Department Chairs every summer (see Promotion and Tenure Timeline). The College of Medicine (COM) Guidelines and procedures are detailed in the documents provided on this website and should be familiar to every faculty member. The College Guidelines are posted here, as are the COM specific Clinical and Educational Portfolios and suggested templates for Educational and Clinical Peer Evaluations. In addition, the policy and format for mid-cycle reviews are included.

Recommendations for solicitation of external letters of evaluation, the current members of the COM Review Committees, instructions for completion of the Online Promotion and Tenure (OPT) packet and the UF Guidelines are also listed.

For questions or more information, please email Madeline Joseph, MD, Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement and Engagement or call Jacci Landicho, Director, Administrative Affairs at (904) 244-8528.

UF Promotion and Tenure Guidelines:

University guidelines and information regarding the promotion and tenure process.