Vacation Leave

For Administrators

Vacation leave is earned each pay period and credited on the last day of that pay period. An employee may only use vacation leave that has been credited into his or her balance. All requests for vacation leave should be submitted by the employee to the appropriate supervisor via the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville on-line faculty leave request module as far in advance as possible, with vacation leave being taken only after approval has been received. Approval of the dates on which an employee wishes to take vacation leave shall be at the discretion of the supervisor.

Vacation leave is typically used for the purpose of going on vacation; however, it may also be used for personal business. In unusual or unavoidable situations, your supervisor may require you to take a portion of your vacation leave at a specified time.

Regardless of the amount of vacation leave originally approved by your supervisor, vacation leave may be used only in the amount necessary to bring you to your regular FTE, not to exceed the 40-hour workweek. An employee who uses vacation leave in an amount which is less than a full hour shall be charged to the closest quarter of an hour. Full-time TEAMS employees and vacation leave accruing academic personnel typically will accrue vacation leave at a rate of 6.769 hours biweekly, approximately 22 days per year, or a number of hours that is directly proportionate to the number of hours you are in pay status during a full pay period.

If you are a part-time TEAMS employee or a part-time vacation-leave accruing academic personnel, you will accrue vacation leave in proportion to the amount of time worked during each pay period.

OPS employees, post doctoral associates and Winter Haven faculty do not accrue vacation leave.