Scholarly Awards

Each category will be judged for an award based on their poster presentation of their accepted abstract. Additionally, platform presenters will also be eligible for an award.

Graduation Awards

The following graduation awards will be presented on June 8th. All programs will receive an email from the Office of Educational Affairs with information on when nominations will be open and the submission deadline for nominations. Expand each award below to view a full description.


The Rosilie O. Saffos Outstanding Resident Teacher Award

... is presented annually to a resident to honor the memory of Dr. Rosilie O. Saffos, a true physician and teacher who possessed those qualities that we, as physicians, would like to see in ourselves, including compassion, intellectual curiosity, and a genuine dedication to education.

The Edward Jelks Outstanding Resident Clinician Award

... is presented annually to the resident who through dedication, diligence and compassion, or through innovation in patient care, is considered to have contributed the most to the improvement of patient care at Shands Jacksonville.

The Ann Harwood-Nuss Resident Advocate Award

... is presented annually to the resident who has contributed the most to improving the educational and working environment of his/her fellow residents.

The Robert Wears Outstanding Resident in Quality and Patient Safety Award

... is presented annually to the resident who through effort, innovation, and collaboration with both fellow residents and other members of the healthcare team, has made the most outstanding contribution to improving quality and patient safety. The award has been named after Dr. Robert Wears, an exceptional example of one whose life was dedicated to quality and patient safety.

Faculty and Residents

The Louis S. Russo Award for Outstanding Professionalism in Medicine

... is presented annually to one faculty and one resident who hold the highest standards of medical professionalism, substantiated by a commitment to personal behavior that reflects the core values of the consummate physician:

  • Altruism: the faculty/resident places the best interests of patients above self, with unconditional caring of and dedication to the patient, regardless of ability to pay or station in life
  • Excellence: the faculty/resident embraces a conscientious effort to exceed ordinary expectations and to make a commitment to high competence and lifelong learning
  • Ethics: the faculty/resident demonstrates a code of honor and integrity, with consistent regard for the highest standards of behavior
  • Respect for others: the faculty/resident possesses the essence of humanism that is central to professionalism and fundamental to the enhancement of collegiality among physicians
Leon L. Haley Jr. Leadership Award for Inclusive Excellence

... is presented annually to one faculty and one resident who have distinguished themselves as servant leaders committed to reducing healthcare disparities through clinical, educational, and/or scholarly work. Candidates must go above and beyond expectations by demonstrated involvement in community engagement and/or advocacy work. The recipients are committed to improving the health of the community while embracing the principles of servant leadership, and demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Dedication to working with underserved communities
  • Promotion of health equity
  • Devotion to serving others
  • Promotion of teamwork
  • Integration of all perspectives and viewpoints into discussions and decisions with special attention to those with less advantage
  • Demonstration of courageous leadership, including the willingness to take action amid uncertainty, to risk failing, and to have difficult conversations
  • Mentorship of others
  • Ability to Inspire others

Other Awards

Denise T. West Outstanding GME Administrator Award

... recognizes an administrator who has made outstanding contributions to graduate medical education by demonstrating professionalism and superb institutional, residency or fellowship management performance by positively contributing to the learning environment of residents, fellows and other members of the graduate medical education community at large. The nominee will demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with internal and external constituents
  • Advanced understanding and facilitation of the GME accreditation processes
  • Superior organization skills and coordination of activities to promote program excellence in a timely manner
  • Personal goals of lifelong learning, leadership growth, and mentor-ship of others