Institutional Review Board Resources

Self Registration Service for Exempt, Non-Human Subjects, and QI Projects

The IRB has a self-registration service for certain exempt, non-human subjects, and QI projects. Visit the UF Division of Research Operations and Services to see if your research qualifies for self-registration.

If your research does not qualify for self-registration, please see below for the next steps for your study.

Pre-IRB Screening Process

The University of Florida College Medicine – Jacksonville Office of Research Affairs (ORA) now offers a pre-IRB screening process for departments and divisions that do not have their own internal pre-screening process. Please visit the ORA Portal to upload your protocol (and informed consent, if applicable) for pre-screening.

In addition to the ORA review and prior to IRB submission, your department chair or division chief will need to complete the Pre IRB Clinical Review form for the study and return to the ORA Portal to upload.

The flowchart below provides an overview of the pre-IRB screening process:

NOTE: Funded projects receive priority for ORA review. The pre-screen timeline for funded projects is within 5 business days and within 10 business days for unfunded projects. Departments doing their own reviews can prioritize studies as they see fit.

Pre-screen Documents

  • Pre IRB Clinical Review form is to be completed by department chair or division chief and then return to the ORA Portal to upload.
  • Pre IRB Screen form is to be completed by ORA and returned to the investigator.

IRB Resources for Investigators and Study Team Members

Types of Research Projects and IRB Applications

Navigating through an Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application process can be complicated and may involve various steps, documents, and forms specific to the type of study being designed or implemented. To assist UF Jacksonville faculty and staff in the study design stages of their research initiatives, the Office of Research Affairs has developed the following materials:

  • Types of Research Projects and IRB Applications is a document that contains 11 different research study design scenarios. Each scenario includes the names and links to the various documents and forms required for each type of study design.
  • IRB Jeopardy is a training resource designed for the participants to understand better the types of research scenarios related to the IRB Application-specific tools, resources, and steps required for that scenario.

If you have questions or require further IRB related assistance, please contact the Office of Research Affairs at (904) 244-9478 or submit an ORA Portal request.

Protocol Templates

The following research protocol templates are designed to serve as a guide for investigators to facilitate high quality research. A well designed research protocol will assist you in completing your UF Institutional Review Board (IRB) application. For IRB-related assistance, please submit your request through the Office of Research Affairs Portal.

Electronic Medical Record Data

Sample Study IRBs, Protocols and Informed Consent Documents

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For more information please submit a request through the ORA Portal.