Faheem W. Guirgis, M.D., FACEP
Faheem W. Guirgis, M.D., FACEP

Welcome to the Center for Research Training at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville. Our mission is to develop the next generation of clinical researchers who will transform healthcare through scientific discovery. We provide comprehensive training in clinical and translational research to UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville faculty, trainees and students.

We have developed educational programs to suit the needs of all commitment levels, from those simply interested in learning more about research to those wishing to pursue extramural funding and research as a significant portion of their career. For people who wish to advance their knowledge in research, faculty and trainees have the opportunity to pursue a certificate of completion in Research Essentials or Advanced Training in Research. We understand those interested in our courses are busy with patient care. Therefore, most of our educational content can be accessed online and free of charge.

In addition to our research training programs, our center coordinates research mentorship and scientific review of grant proposals.

Interested in attending the Research Training Academy? Register by emailing CRTjax@jax.ufl.edu with your name, current position and faculty designation, department, email address, and phone number.

Please see the calendar of upcoming events below to learn more about what the Center for Research Training has to offer. Thank you for your interest in the center. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Faheem W. Guirgis, M.D., FACEP
Program Director, Emergency Medicine and Acute Care Research Fellowship; Director, Center for Research Training
University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville