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IPH Grant Description:

The Institute for Population Health (IPH) is located in a stand-alone building on the UF Health Jacksonville campus with an attached parking garage that includes dedicated parking spaces for our participants. The 5000 sq. ft. space includes five interview, assessment and examination rooms and a corridor specifically dedicated to perform walking testing; a biological specimens processing laboratory, data entry stations, study coordinators offices, a phlebotomy room, a study drugs storage room and several secured storage areas for study documents. IPH also has a DEXA scanner and a Biodex Isokinetic Strength System 4 Pro, each in their own examination room. A conference room with teleconference capabilities is available for teaching, community health education needs, or conferencing for multi-centered trials. Our biological specimens processing room is equipped with a centrifuge, an ice machine, a refrigerator and -20⁰C freezer, autoclave and an ultra-low freezer for storage of biological specimens. The space is set up for patient recruitment and ongoing enrollment activities. Participants enter our second floor space through a welcoming reception and waiting area. An iPad with access to the University’s wireless network is available for patient consent, questionnaires and other measurements needing electronic capture.

IPH has seven offices set up for use for faculty, research manager and research coordinators, each equipped with color printers, phones and desktop computers hardwired to the university’s server and high-speed internet. These computers have software critical for inter-investigator communication and data analysis including programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Professional, STATA, SAS, Skype and FaceTime (iPad). The research coordinators have dedicated office space in the building that is adjacent to the data collection laboratories and is readily accessible to investigators. The proximity to the data collection, staff and facilities assure that investigators have the necessary space and accessibility to formulate experiments, team meetings, analyze results and prepare manuscripts for publication.