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Pragmatic Evaluation of Events and Benefits of Lipid-Lowering in Older Adults

One of the Largest Studies In Adults 75 Years or Older

The purpose of the PREVENTABLE research study is to learn if taking a statin could help older adults live well for longer by preventing dementia, disability, or heart disease. A statin is a commonly used drug to lower cholesterol.

Why is PREVENTABLE important?

The benefits of taking statins for older adults without heart disease are not fully understood. By taking part in the PREVENTABLE study, you could help us learn if taking a statin is helpful for older adults like you.

How can I participate?

You may be a good fit for the study if you are 75 years or older, not taking a statin, and do not have:

  • Heart disease (heart attack or stroke)
  • Dementia
  • A significant disability that limits your basic everyday activities

What should I expect if I decide to participate?

The study will last about five (5) years. A member of the study team will discuss the study with you and answer any questions you may have.

You will:

  • Have blood drawn.
  • Do brief memory and physical tests.
  • Be randomized to take the study drug or the placebo. You will take one (1) pill a day.
  • Have one (1) follow-up phone call a year.

Each call should take about 30 minutes. You will not be charged for the study drug or any study-related procedures.