Jacksonville Health Equity Research Organization (JaxHERO)

Ross E. Jones, M.D.
Ross E. Jones, M.D. Chair

Jacksonville Health Equity Research Organization, or JaxHERO, has a mission to conduct community-based research in order to improve the quality of care and promote health equity for persons living in Northeast Florida.

JaxHERO provides the foundation for translational and evidence-based research focused on studying and reducing health disparities while building on institutional commitments to the underserved population. In addition, JaxHERO fosters health services research in primary care and population health and provides a forum for primary care physicians to collaborate on research projects.

The Jacksonville Health Equity Research Organization objectives are as follows:

  • Create a diverse network of primary care physicians throughout the area that fosters collaborative research
  • Conduct primary care based research to reduce health disparities and increase health equity
  • Educate network members and clinical staff to increase participation in research
  • Disseminate findings to network members, patients and community stakeholders to develop a research agenda and determine future research topics

With primary care centers from the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville, Mayo Clinic, St Vincent's family medicine program and the Florida Department of Health in Duval, the JaxHERO network provides access to a large number of patients from underserved communities and who may experience a disproportionate burden of morbidity from diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and mental illness.

The Jacksonville Health Equity Research Organization enables us to conduct translational research in a wide range of setting, thereby bringing the benefits of medical innovation to our entire community.

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Ross E. Jones, M.D.
Chair, JaxHERO Advisory Board
University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville