Student Handbook

Hospital Security - (904) 244-4211 (ext. 44211)

Police, Fire, Rescue - 9 + 911

Although we make every effort to ensure safety and security throughout our campus, certain common-sense measures should be kept in mind:

  • Don't leave valuables such as your wallet, checkbook, jewelry, or keys in open view.
  • Mark easily stolen items like portable TV's, radios, pocket organizers and computers and keep a list of serial numbers, model numbers and descriptions.
  • Lock doors and windows when going out and never prop doors open when entering/exiting the dormitory building - it is too easy for someone paying attention to sneak in.
  • Don't store large amounts of money or credit cards in your dormitory room.
  • Take care of your keys; do not lend them to anyone.
  • Use the "buddy system" - go out with a friend, especially if you're headed for a late night snack or study break.
  • Walk purposefully. Look confident. Watch where you are going. Avoid shortcuts through isolated areas. Be alert to your surroundings. If you still have concerns while on campus, call Security at (904) 244-4211 (ext. 44211) for an escort.
  • If entrance/hallway lights are burned out after working hours, report them to engineering immediately at (904) 244-2232 (ext. 42232).
  • If you see unusual activity or someone loitering, call Security immediately at (904) 244-4211 (ext. 44211).

Driving/Parking Safety

  • Lock all doors and close all windows when leaving your car.
  • Park in well-lit areas and try not to walk alone to/from parking areas at night.
  • Have keys ready as you approach your car. Check car for intruders before entering and lock door immediately after getting into your car.
  • If you must store valuables in your car, store them out of sight (preferably locked in trunk).
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