About the Practice Plan

Our practice plan is centralized so that a broad range of functions are handled by one group of employees for all clinical departments. Created in 1971, the practice plan was established as a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 1979 and is now named the University of Florida Jacksonville Physicians, Inc (UFJPI).

The members of the practice plan are physician employees of the University of Florida and hold academic or clinical appointments. UFJPI is governed by a board of directors composed of the Dean and Senior Associate Deans of the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville, plus two at-large members elected by the medical staff, three representatives of the University of Florida and one representative of the University of Florida's Board of Trustees. The chairman of the board is the Dean of the College of Medicine – Jacksonville. The President/CEO of UFJPI is the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs of the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville.

Billing and accounts receivable management is performed on a decentralized basis with business group managers assigned to work with clinics and departments by specialty. A common database is used so those patients, once entered in the system, are tracked no matter where they go.

On a centralized basis, a number of services are provided to include credentialing of providers, studies on coding and pricing, training of staff and physicians on coding, fee schedule analysis, compliance education and testing for Medicare, Medicaid and other programs, etc. Other management services are provided for the group practice on a centralized basis; managed care, information systems support, finance and accounting and human resources.