New Employee Orientation

Information for newly hired providers


FROM: Maryann C. Palmeter, Director of Physician Billing Compliance

TO: All New Faculty and Allied Health Professionals, University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville

SUBJECT: New Employee Orientation Materials

The Office of Compliance welcomes you to the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville. The College of Medicine is committed to ensuring that its billing practices are fully compliant with all federal and state laws and regulations. Accordingly, the College of Medicine has established a comprehensive billing compliance plan to assist you with submitting accurate billing to federal and state health care programs (including Medicare, Medicaid and CHAMPUS). As a health care provider for the College of Medicine, you have primary responsibility for ensuring compliance with the plan. Attached to this memorandum is a package of information that is designed to acquaint you with the plan and that contains the following items:

  1. University of Florida Billing Compliance Plan .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) (05/2008)
  2. University of Florida Teaching Physician Billing Policy .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) (08/2011-rev 06/2022)
  3. University of Florida Code of Conduct .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) (06/2022)
  4. Billing Compliance and Corporate Responsibility Hotline .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) (08/2021)
  5. Remedial and Disciplinary Action Memo .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) (01/2017)
  6. Federal and State False Claims Laws .pdf (Adobe PDF Document) (01/2023)
  7. Departmental Compliance Leaders
  8. Certificate of Receipt

Please take the time to review these documents in detail and direct any resulting questions to your departmental compliance leader. It is vital that these documents be reviewed as soon as possible. Once you have reviewed these documents, we ask that you complete the certificate of receipt signifying that you will comply with the standards set forth in these documents. Instructions for returning the certificate of receipt to the Office of compliance are included on the certificate itself. We are glad that you have chosen to join our team and look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact your departmental compliance leader or the Office of Compliance (904) 244-2158 with any questions you may have regarding billing compliance.