About the Center

About Simulation Education


The UF Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research (CSESaR) is located in a large facility spanning approximately 24,000 square feet, and is divided into three areas in the Pavilion building on the UF Health Jacksonville campus.

Main Simulation and Conference/Instruction Area

This 7,000 square-foot area occupies a former hospital emergency department. The area is supported by an additional 800 square-foot conference and instructional area.

Operating Room Simulation and Instruction Area

This 14,000 square-foot area contains 12 operating rooms. It is supported by an additional 1,900 square-foot instruction area.

Disaster Simulation Area

This area includes a previous parking lot and ambulance entrance to the former emergency department. It is prepared to be equipped with tents, emergency mobile facilities and other disaster preparation equipment, as the training scenarios and events may require.


In 2002, the department of emergency medicine began utilizing high fidelity simulations in its residency training program.In July 2004, simulation training moved to a vacated emergency department and operating room facility located on the UF Health Jacksonville campus. This location offers unique opportunities to explore a wide variety of training scenarios, including mass casualty events, multiple patient encounters and a continuum of care from remote interventions through emergency room admissions and full surgical interventions. In 2005, the inventory of high fidelity simulators was increased. This included the addition of the Laerdal SimBaby, for which the UF Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research acted as a development beta site. In 2006, a full-time administrative director and a technical specialist were hired to support increased teaching activity.


The primary goal for CSESaR is to create an institutional learning center, which is nationally recognized as a center of excellence for simulation training that promotes broadly disciplined health care education and patient safety through simulated training. This goal is achieved by broadening the educational experience to maximize learning opportunities at the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville campus for students, residents, hospital personnel, Special Forces medics and pre-hospital providers. Additionally, CME courses for local and regional training are provided.


CSESaR is a collaborative effort supported by UF Health Jacksonville and the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville. The mission of the center is to promote quality patient care, expand patient safety initiatives and enhance multidisciplinary health care, education and teamwork through simulation and goal-directed training.