Projects & Initiatives

Safety and efficacy of BIO-101 175 mg b.i.d. and 350 mg b.i.d. 26-week oral administration to patients suffering from age-related sarcopenia, including sarcopenic obesity, aged ≥65 years and at risk of mobility disability. A double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized interventional clinical trial.

Is it difficult for you to get up from a chair, to walk, to climb the stairs or to carry your shopping bags? This study could be for you. We are looking for people aged 65 and older who live independently to help us evaluate the effects of a new treatment in sarcopenia. This is an interventional study where we will evaluate safety and efficacy of a novel investigational drug, not yet on the market.

Many older adults develop sarcopenia, which includes loss of muscle mass and muscle function, that can sometimes lead to a risk of falls and fractures. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of a novel investigational drug on your muscle mass and muscle functions. Participants will have in-clinic visits and one telephone visit.

We want to:

  • Observe your daily life and well-being for a six-and-a-half month period
  • Measure your muscle mass and fat
  • Evaluate the evolution of physical performance while taking the treatment
  • Safety will be evaluated by several laboratory exams (blood samples) and with questions on your general health

Participants will receive:

  • Up to $80 gift card as compensation for participating and completing the study
  • Complimentary parking
  • Complimentary coffee and snacks
  • Additional participant benefits include: medical screening, blood tests, blood pressure measurement, gallbladder ultrasound, body composition test and ECG