On-Line Faculty Leave Module

Online Faculty Leave Request Module

The faculty on-line leave request module is an electronic leave program created and used by the College of Medicine – Jacksonville. All UF faculty and several UF teams employees utilize this system to request leave. Leave requests are routed and approved in real-time, sending automatic email notifications to faculty, approvers, time keepers and administrators at various steps of the process. The leave module also enables department administrators and faculty to look up leave requests and run reports.

Instructions for placing leave request icon in your desktop

With the updating of MyUFL, none of the instructions for the faculty leave module were updated. The easiest thing to do will be as follows:

  1. Click the following link: http://facultyleave.ufp.ufl.edu/.
  2. Once the link opens, in the address bar you will see a small blue icon to the left of http.
  3. Place your mouse (cursor) over that icon and drag it to your desktop.

Detailed information regarding all leave types and related forms can be found on the University of Florida Human Resources Services website at http://hr.ufl.edu/benefits-rewards/time-away/.

The leave module administrator adds new hires into the module and can be contacted when encountering difficulty accessing the system:

Leave Module Administrator Contact:
Jacci Landicho
Phone: (904) 244-8528

Types of Leave

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