UFCOM–J Cureus Channel

The University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville has purchased an academic Flagship Channel through Cureus Journal of Medical Science. Faculty, staff and trainees can submit scholarly work (from any specialty) for peer review. Submitted work first receives editorial review from senior and junior University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville deputy editors who are faculty from our institution. As with any submitted manuscript, work can be returned to the authors for further revisions and resubmission, rejected or moved to peer review. Peer review can then offer the same options: revisions and resubmission (major/minor), rejection or accepted. Authors, as part of the submission process, must suggest 5 names of peer reviewers.

It is recommended that scholarly work first be submitted through specialty and/or topic specific journals as first line, and since there are many reasons work can be rejected, we offer you the opportunity to submit to our academic channel and if accepted, is free of charge. Cureus is PubMed Index, therefore, your work will receive an PMID once published. Please see attached directions and additional information to submit to our flagship channel .pdf (Adobe PDF Document).

An info graph of the Cureus walkthrough process

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