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Clinical Research

Prospective Observational Vascular Injury Trial (PROOVIT)

Study Description

The objective of this research is to establish a prospective, multicenter, observational study through the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) Multicenter Trials Committee. This study, referred to as PROspective Observational Vascular Injury Trial or PROOVIT, aims to capture key elements of vascular trauma presentation, diagnosis, management, outcomes from leading trauma institutions in the US. Data from patients above the age of 2 years with a diagnosis of injury to a named, large vessels following trauma will be collected from the medical record. The location and type of endovascular therapy for vascular trauma will be tracked including comparison of outcomes to those following open operative repair of similar injury patterns. Finally, data elements will be gathered in a wide range of age groups with vascular trauma including the challenging scenarios of pediatric and geriatric vascular injury. Data and endpoints will be observational and involve no alterations in standard patient care. Institutions and providers will conduct normal diagnosis, management and surveillance procedures without interference of this study.