Match Day insight and residency preparation

Rudolph Wells, a graduating University of Florida medical student, is flanked by his parents during a private Match Day celebration last month. Wells is heading to the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville to train in the pediatric residency program.
Wells embraces his fiancée while celebrating his Match Day results. The small, private function was planned after the traditional in-person event at UF was cancelled because of COVID-19.

Graduating medical students navigate unprecedented times ahead of training at UF COMJ.

Rudolph Wells had mixed feelings about Match Day, the moment he learned he’ll be heading to the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville for residency training.

Wells, a graduating medical student at UF in Gainesville, plans to specialize in pediatrics and says it has been a dream to train in Jacksonville. He speaks favorably of the faculty physicians, residents and staff members who welcomed and supported him during his medical school rotation at UF Health Jacksonville.

“I was extremely excited and relieved when I found out I matched at the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville,” he said. “There are ample opportunities for research and learning, while being able to see a diverse patient population.”

However, Wells harbored disappointment about Match Day because the in-person celebration at UF was cancelled due to COVID-19. He said he had been anticipating the event for a long time.

“I think we all imagine how it would be in our head to go on stage and announce to everyone where we will be going,” Wells said. “It was disappointing to hear about the cancellation and missing out on such a unique opportunity. But I still feel I was able to create and enjoy a special experience with my loved ones.”  

Match Day results at UF COMJ

Wells is one of five UF students — and overall one of 89 students from around the country and abroad — who found out in March they will be training at the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville. About 25 percent of them are from Florida medical schools.

Each of the 89 incoming residents will train in one of the College of Medicine – Jacksonville’s 13 core residency programs. Emergency medicine will welcome the most residents, at 15, followed by internal medicine and pediatrics, with 14 and 13, respectively. 

In addition, 20 other people will complete subspecialty training in the college’s fellowship programs.

“We are excited to soon welcome the new residents to campus,” said Linda Edwards, MD, senior associate dean for educational affairs at the College of Medicine – Jacksonville. “Despite some limitations, we intend to provide a safe environment in which trainees can acquire the essential skills and experiences expected from our accredited and highly sought-after programs.” 

Featured Faculty

Linda R. Edwards, MD

Linda R. Edwards, MD

Associate Professor
Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs; Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine; Associate Chair, Department of Medicine; Medical Director, Program for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities