A year of new beginnings, births and babies

Brent Seibel, MD, reunited with Marquita Troutman and Cameron Mayhew, the first baby delivered at UF Health North.
The nurses who assisted with Cameron's birth also celebrated his first birthday.
Dr. Seibel and 1-year-old Cameron were all smiles during the celebration.
Marquita Troutman and Cameron Mayhew celebrated the reunion and his first birthday with a smash cake.

UF Health North’s Labor and Delivery Unit celebrates its first anniversary and first birth.

Cameron Theophilus Mayhew has already taken his first steps, loves to laugh and bounces to the beat of any song he hears. He knows how to wave hello and goodbye, and isn’t afraid to shake his head no to let you know when he doesn’t approve.

“He knows how to say ‘dada’ and ‘stop,’” said his mother, Marquita Troutman. “We are still working on mama. Right now, he can only say ‘ma.’”

Cameron, who celebrated his first birthday Aug. 16, 2018, was the first baby born at the UF Health North Labor and Delivery Unit — a day after it opened to the public. Troutman was originally scheduled to have a caesarean section at UF Health Jacksonville on Aug. 28, but Cameron had other plans.

“I still remember the back pains I felt that day,” Troutman said. “They lasted all day. The pain eventually became so bad that I went to the nearest emergency room, which was UF Health North.”

While in the emergency room, Troutman was seen by Brent Seibel, MD, medical director of obstetrics and gynecology. Seibel did an ultrasound and determined the delivery was happening soon. Troutman was wheeled into one of the spacious Labor and Delivery Unit suites. As Carey Mayhew, Cameron's father, picked her up to place her on the bed, her water broke.

“I was so scared I never let Carey go,” Troutman said. “I put him into a headlock and didn’t let go until Cameron was born.”

Troutman’s providers told her to push, but the 24-year-old was hesitant. She already has a son, but he was delivered during a scheduled C-section. This was the first time she felt labor pains and was definitely not feeling prepared to have a vaginal delivery.

"I was so nervous," Troutman said. "I really didn't want to start pushing without receiving medication."

Five long and deep pushes later, Cameron was born at 6:55 p.m., weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 19 ½ inches long. Since Cameron, more than 500 babies have been delivered at the UF Health North Labor and Delivery Unit. The unit has 12 private suites that serve as the location for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care. This gives mothers and families one place where they can experience this life-changing event without interruption.

UF Health North is the only medical facility in the area that works with certified nurse midwives who assist with a variety of birthing plans and styles. Three of the rooms have hydrotherapy tubs to help laboring moms relax. In addition to midwives, teams of physicians, nurses and anesthesiologists are available around the clock.

“I really enjoyed being at UF Health North,” Troutman said. “The suites were really nice. It really made Cameron’s unplanned, early arrival a very pleasant experience. I only wish I had my oldest son, Camaury, there too.”

The unit’s top priority is always the health and safety of mothers and their babies. There are two dedicated obstetric operating rooms for planned or emergency C-sections. A neonatal transport team is also on staff to take any infant in need of critical care to UF Health Jacksonville’s Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

 “The care I received at UF Health North was amazing,” Troutman said. “I really appreciate all the attention from my doctor and nurses. I highly recommend any mother-to-be come here for their big day.”

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