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These hotline forms will allow current residents and fellows, external rotating residents and fellows, students, faculty and other staff to submit reports on a variety of GME related issues in a secure and confidential environment. These issue types include:

  • Duty Hours: Use for reporting issues related to duty hour noncompliance issues. Problematic areas include number of duty hours per week, continuous hours worked, days free from responsibilities, on-call frequency, being pressured into noncompliance and more.
  • Unprofessional Behavior: Use for reporting issues related to unprofessional behavior, whether with a chair, program director, associate program director, faculty member, program coordinator, resident, fellow, student or otherwise.
  • Call Room: Use for reporting issues related to call rooms that require attention, such as cleaning, supplies, linens, pest management, maintenance, food service and IT support.
  • General Concerns: Use for reporting all other issues.

Duty Hours Hotline Form

The duty hours hotline enables you to report duty hour noncompliance issues in a secure and confidential environment. The University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville treats all submissions in a serious and confidential manner.

First, before you submit a report, review the common program requirements section VI.F. for the ACGME resident duty hour requirements very closely. Please be sure that there is in fact an issue of noncompliance.

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Please use the following form to submit your issue report. Note: The form is located on the infonet (UF Health Jacksonville's Intranet), which can only be accessed from a computer on the UF Health Jacksonville campus or via VPN.