Robert A. Marino, M.D.

Robert A. Marino M.D.

Assistant Professor & Clerkship Director

Department: Department of Urology
Business Phone: (904) 244-7340
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About Robert A. Marino

Robert Marino, M.D., who has more than 30 years of clinical urologic experience, maintains UF Health Oncology – Orange Park while also seeing patients and providing surgical care on the UF Health Jacksonville and UF Health North campuses. Dr. Marino’s practice focuses on general urology and urinary stone disease. He has pioneered the procedure on placing ureteral stents at the bedside under local anesthesia to provide prompt pain relief to patients presenting emergently with urinary stones. In addition to being board-certified in urology, Dr. Marino is a board-certified pediatrician and is fellowship-trained in urological oncology. He is actively involved in urology teaching programs and in clinical studies focused on operational issues tied to health care delivery.

Board Certifications

  • Urology

Clinical Profile

  • Urology
  • Clinical Special Interests: Kidney stones


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Medical Degree
1976 · University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Pediatrics Residency
1979 · The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Urology Residency
1989 · Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Urologic Oncology Fellowship
1990 · University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL, USA